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Josh Fields: Not Bad

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It's still early, but Fields is playing -- and moving -- better than anybody could have expected.  Fields joined Kansas City's Coco Crisp as the only American League players with multiple triples after his three-bagger Thursday night, which was one of three hits on the day.

So far, he's checked every necessary improvement box:

  1. He's cut his strikeouts by half from last season, because...
  2. ...he changed his stance, which is helping him get around on fastballs quickly enough to at least use right-center.
  3. He's smoother in the field thus far.
  4. He's able to move more than one base at a time.

His track record says he's in for regression, but this was a small sample size Fields needed to nail.  Starting the season with 37 excellent plate appearances may have changed the course of his season, considering how much confidence his bosses have in giving him greater offensive responsibilities.


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