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White Sox Walk All Over Kazmir, Rays

Twice Ozzie Guillen has penciled Brent Lillibridge atop the lineup against a lefty, and twice Lillibridge has drawn a 4-pitch leadoff walk. Amazingly, after posting a dismal 24-1 K/BB mark this spring and poor K/BB marks above A-ball, Lillibridge now has 6 walks against 4 strikeouts. Of course, he only has one hit so far this season, which comes to an .068 average. But if he's going to continue to be a modern day Eddie Gaedel, I'll take it.

Alexei Ramirez had another 0-for, but at least he was trying to swinging at ball in the same zip code as the strike zone. Ozzie Guillen and Greg Walker talk about Ramirez' need to adjust.

"He's a decent bad-ball hitter," said Walker of Ramirez. "Nobody is a good terrible ball pitcher, and he's swinging at some terrible pitches right now. He has to make adjustments and get the ball in the strike zone or at least close." "This is the big leagues. This isn't Equador or Costa Rica you're facing," White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said. "Right now, he's trying to do too much. He's trying to get out of his slump with one at-bat. You got to take one at-bat at a time. Take your best at-bat and give yourself a chance."