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White Sox Week In Review

The loss of Dewayne Wise has shifted CF-leadoff connection to second base. Brent Lillibridge and Chris Getz have led off every game in his absence. I've expressed my reservations about Lillibridge getting at-bats over Getz in the comments, but now realize that Guillen's intent to bat the right-handed Lillibridge first against left-handers has more to do with his faith in Brian Anderson than Getz. Plus, it's only been two games, so I shouldn't really be drawing any conclusions anyway.

With the exception of Alexei Ramirez, the Sox offensive starting 9 has started to settle in at the plate. Though looking through the stats right now, I find a couple of things striking.

  1. AJ Pierzynski is the only White Sox hitter outside the 3-4-5-6 sluggers to hit a home run, and that came in game 12 of the season.
  2. The Sox 4-5 hitters, Jim Thome and Jermaine Dye, have combined for a total of 2 hits with runners in scoring position.

Collectively, the Sox are still struggling with RISP, slugging .323. But Carlos Quentin has been picking up the slack with 5 HR in the 6 games this week.