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White Sox Defeat Rangers, Combat Swine Flu

Members of the White Sox's traveling party were provided with a three-page question-and-answer memo about the swine flu outbreak before their series with the Texas Rangers.

The questions and answers addressed a wide range of topics, from symptoms to the speading of the disease to prevention.

Mark Gonzales is a hard-hitting, all-around reporter.

Scott Podsednik apparently is healthy and is running like a stuck pig. What's that, Mike Huff? Of course. A white stuck pig. While tied 3-3 in the 7th, Pods made chitterlings into a succulent pork chop by legging out for an infield single one of the worst jobs of hitting a baseball you'll see outside of your local Challenger Division Little League. He proceeded to "induce" a balk and then was driven in by Chris Getz' outfielder splitting triple to right-center for what would be the game-deciding run. I'm sure he'll be able to live off this performance until the All-Star Break.