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Danks, Jenks Deliver Message (a week late)

John Danks had a career-high 10 strikeouts against his former club, but it was Bobby Jenks who finally delivered the "message" pitch.

The White Sox have been getting knocked down (and out) by pitches all season long, and the Rangers have been one of the main offenders. Including Saturday's game they've hit Paul Konerko (twice), Carlos Quentin (probably doesn't count), Chris Getz, Jermaine Dye and Josh Fields. The latter two required a few days off as a result.

So when Ian Kinsler came up with two out and nobody on in the ninth, Jenks took it upon himself to send a message, and some mixed signals.

"It was not intentional. Yeah, I wanted to go in and send a message, and I think that message was sent. Our guys have been hit a lot this series. With a one-run lead, I didn't want to put anyone on base. I just wanted to say, 'Hey, we can play that game, too.' Other than that, the important thing was getting him out after that pitch."

If it wasn't intentional, how was it a message? Nevermind that Jenks didn't actually hit Kinsler (though I suspect that was the intent).

The Sox can't get any part of this little You know I'm throwing at you, You know why I'm throwing at you, Now let's get back to playing baseball dance right. But it makes for entertaining conversation.

I fully expect warnings tomorrow, and for this to remain the dominant story over the next week as Ozzie Guillen and Jenks get a pair of 2-game rips for the hit-by-pitch that wasn't.