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White Sox FIP Through 5/13

all stats yanked from fangraphs

Gavin is actually pitching alright outside of his walk issues. He's given up a lot more runs than expected thanks to a very high BABIP. He looks more or less the same, but the luck is working out against him rather than with him this year. Bartolo's contact rate suggests he'll probably see that K rate fall, though he may also be able to cut his walk rate in conjunction. Danks and Buehrle are more or less where we'd expect them to be. Contreras' obviously deserved his trip to Charlotte, as his peripherals are really ugly, though it's worth noting he was dealing with some bad luck of his own. Was he really pitching so badly as to give up 50+ points in BABIP over his career line? Perhaps with as unhomer friendly as the Cell has been in the early going just means more XBH instead of HR that wouldn't count against his BABIP. Either way, he needs to work on spotting his pitches before he comes back. At least he's set the bar very low for Clayton.

As a unit, Sox starters are benefiting from a lack of HR ceded, as it's the one thing keeping the starter FIP from being below average. To this point, they're 7th in GB/FB ratio while possessing an average HR/FB rate (it's theorized that this number will always be in the near vicinity of 10%). Additionally, they've got an elevated BABIP which should come down as things normalize over the course of the season. The straits are not so dire and the pitching depth hasn't really changed with Contreras now in Charlotte. Let's check the 'pen.

Outside of Dotel's walk issues, the important parts of the bullpen have performed beyond expectations and will probably regress somewhat. Either way, the peripherals are excellent. The Sox are third in GB/FB and consequently third overall in FIP, again thanks to homer stinginess. The good half of the pen is going to lock games down for the most part. The story for Sox pitching in general has been lots of groundballs and a smidge too many walks. Hopefully Coop Magic will push those rates in the right direction as the season progresses.