Q: Are We Not Prospects? A: We Are White Sox Minor League Update!

Gearing up for the draft

SSS poster The Big Hurt over at Sickels' site, where he will be handling the mock draft for the White Sox:

My mentality would be to draft almost exclusively college players with the first couple of picks and that is because this system, despite great imporvements over the last year or so, still ranks in the lower third (maybe mid-pack at best) among the 30 farm systems and I don't think they're in a position to take unnecessary risks on high schoolers. As for positions to target the main area of need in my opinion is front end pitching. The White Sox are loaded with those mediocre 5th starter/long releiver types, so I will be targeting pitching early. I will also be looking at catchers, the collegiate catching class appears quite weak which may force me down the prep catching route despite that contradicting my earlier point, but that's something I'll have to assess later on.

As for names that I'm focusing on at this early point a few that stand out are left handers Rex Brothers and James Paxton, as well as catcher Tony Sanchez. Paxton's command worries me a little and obviously if this was real world the White Sox would never take him due to him being a Boras client, I however don't have to restrict myself so moronically. Sanchez maybe a little limited on the upside, I don't think he has that elite level power or defense to make him a star, he also doesn't walk quite enough for my liking but he appears to be the top college catcher so that has him on my radar. Brothers doesn't exactly have what you would call a projectable frame, but I don't consider that a red flag, not for a pitcher. From what I've read Brothers doesn't have as much movement on his FB as you might like and his change up needs work also.

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