HD Video of Sox Prospects

Recently I took a trip down to Jackson Tenn. to check out one of the most stacked minor league teams in the white sox's own barons. I decided to bring my HD camcorder with to share some video with everyone who is eager to see what some of our prospects look like at the plate. I was also pleasently supprised at how well Flowers recieved the ball behind the dish. In late July or August I will be making another trek down to West Tenn. to see the barons take on the Diamond Jaxx again. Also over the course of the summer I will be in asheville NC about two hours away from The Knights, Dash, and Intimidators so in the near future ill have some more HD video of some of the more unhearleded white sox prospects. I hope everyone enjoys the video, my cx7 decided to act up and delete all the video I had of Tyler at and behind the plate and I thought I packed my tripod but I was mistaken. The link to my gallery is burried in the Sox Prospect thread so I decided I would create this fan post to bring it to other posters attention.


My Gallery

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