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White Sox Games Are Fun Again!

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Near 3-hour West Coast game means limited recap...

Just hours after finishing my week-late dissertation which prominently featured the notion that the White Sox of a week ago just plain weren't any fun to watch, they've seemingly turned things around. They've won 6 of their last 8 games, with their two losses being the 20-run debacle against the Twins and Bobby Jenks one pitch-type blown save serving as the blemishes. And those were both entertaining games in their own ways.

The gamethreads were particularly entertaining Tuesday night. I don't know if they were more fun because of the Sox play or just post-meetup euphoria. Carl Skanberg even signed up to post a SSS-influenced cartoon. Our mandatory 1-day waiting period stifled his efforts.

Anyway, as for the game
  • Bartolo Colon had his good control, which usually means good things for the Sox.
  • Jayson Nix may be playing his way into the lineup more often -- though 2B or 3B is as yet to be determined -- with his fine defense and 2, count 'em, 2 homeruns.
  • Scotty Pods continues to dare runners to take the extra base on him with his powerful throwin... sorry I almost made it through that statement without laughing. It's hard not to like the guy with the way he's been playing. And the Sox will need him to continue because...
  • Carlos Quentin was sent back to Chicago for more tests, or maybe some special shoes. He'll be out until at least Monday, and may finally be headed for the DL. Though I don't think they'll make the official decision until Dewayne Wise is ready to come back from his rehab stint.