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White Sox Roster Move Mania

The White Sox traded Lance Broadway to the New York Mets for catcher Ramon Castro and cash. Corky Miller will be designated for assignment. Wes Whisler is being called up to take Broadway's place in the bullpen.

Quick thoughts:

Castro is an improvement over Miller offensively and while he's not nearly as good as Corky defensively, his offense more than makes up for that (career .237/.311/.417). He's hit slightly better against lefties but doesn't have much of a platoon split over his career. Castro has thrown out 31% of runners over his career. In 2007 and 2008 his CS% was quite poor but he's rebounded this year to throw out 7 of 15. He's making $2.5 million this year and I'd expect the Mets will be paying a good chunk of that.

Broadway simply isn't that good and he's pretty much redundant on this team. I expected him to be gone prior to Opening Day. Clayton Richard's performance has sewn up the 5th starter role and, with Jose Contreras waiting in the wings, Broadway had no place. And it gives New York City headline writers some pre-written work.

I'll just re-post what I wrote about Whisler a couple weeks back:

This guy just doesn’t strike enough people out. While his ERA is often very nice – 3.81 last year and 2.12 so far this year – his peripherals scream "not a major leaguer." He’s averaged about 4.5 K/9 in the upper minors and that simply won’t do. While he does perform better against lefties, he hasn’t shut them down like a Gobble can. Also has little experience pitching in relief.

He does give Ozzie another lefty in the pen, which he of course loves. Whisler is expected to stay until Contreras is called up for the doubleheader on June 8.