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Sox Lose 3-0 As Greinke Dominates

I didn't catch much of this one since I saw the writing on the wall early.  Greinke was dealing and even the best hitters were going to struggle.  The Sox don't have many of those, so the result was almost inevitable.  The slider/curve/change combo, all plus, not to mention the 93-95 mph fastball, were in full effect.  I know the Tip O' The Cap bothers both Cheat and Jim, but I'm not sure who was going to be scoring on Greinke tonight.  And it's not like that's been especially easy in '09.  He came into the game with a 1.47 FIP.  And considering that the Sox are running out replacement level players in CF, RF and 3B, scoring fewer than the one and a half earned per nine tear that Greinke's been on doesn't worry me overly.  This version of the White Sox isn't good. Having JD, Fields and to a lesser extent BA in the lineup is essential.  Herm Schneider is that which lies between enjoyable baseball and a grindy death.

On the pitching side of things, I said before the game that lefties and command were the two keys to blockage-free Colon.  Bartolo struggled against the lefties, giving up a bomb to DeJesus and a double to Jacobs, but aside from that was as good as we could hope for.  The zone was generous enough from what I saw and he FIP'd about league average for the start.  He gave up a good number of hits, though I don't think his stuff was any more or less hittable than usual.  Pods' error did not help.  The bullpen was once again good, though that amounts to Clayton Richard going 3 shutout innings against a fairly weak lineup that happens to be somewhat lefty heavy.