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Our New In-Division Overlord

Remember how great it was when the Twins finally traded Johan Santana and we thought we'd never have to deal with stuff like this again?


Well ladies and gentlemen, meet our new Johan Santana.  His name is Zack Greinke and he isn't going to be leaving Kansas City anytime soon.  It's bad enough when you have the bad luck of facing a guy like Roy Halladay, but at least he isn't in the division.  Depending on what possible shuffles Hillman makes to the rotation, we have the very real possibility of facing Greinke four more times this season.  So far in his two starts against us this season, Zack has managed to pitch 15 scoreless innings while allowing a meager nine hits and three walks to go with his 17 strikeouts.  The only consolation I can find is that at least it isn't just the White Sox he's dominating.


So what does this mean for us?  It is far too early to be sure, but if Zack Greinke has finally reached the potential we've been hearing about for years, playing against Kansas City will no longer be our panacea for the next three and a half seasons.  Looks like it may be time to invest in some new hats.