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Thanks for the Draft Picks, OC

OC won't be smiling when he sees Joe Cowley.
OC won't be smiling when he sees Joe Cowley.
While there wasn't one, huge knockdown, drag-out disagreement between the two, there was definitely a piling up of straw that eventually broke the relationship.
It started in the spring of 2008, when Cabrera took exception to Guillen saying in a Sun-Times article on the shortstop that he and Cabrera both liked to talk about the good-looking women in the Latino soap operas. Guillen said it in jest, but Cabrera didn't find it funny and let Guillen know about it.
On the other hand, Guillen didn't think that Cabrera came in looking out for the team first over his own pending free agency, evident by the way he didn't look to build any relationships with his new teammates, unless they had a deck of cards or a domino in their hands.
He acted like a one-year mercenary that was there to do the Sox a favor.
Guillen also didn't appreciate the way Cabrera went out of his way to point out Angels skipper Mike Scioscia was "the smartest manager I played for ... by far'' or the fact that he twice called up to the press box during games to have errors overturned, including one that could have been put on his own teammate in Toby Hall.
But even with Cabrera elsewhere, Guillen will never question the fact that Cabrera played hard for him - selfishly or not.