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Sox On Right Side Of One Run Game

Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Annointed Scott Podsednik My Savior

Bullet Point Recap

  • As we know, Gavin Floyd has big hairy balls.  His change is coming along nicely and he was usually able to get either of his slider or curve over.  Tiger batters managed nothing but weak contact until he started fading in the 7th and 8th.  Even then, he compensated by throwing strikes which kept the bases clear when the damage came.
  • The offense continues to underwhelm.  Jackson walked more than he struck out in his 5 innings, but only Thome was able to make him pay.  4 runs was enough in the end, but that doesn't cut it in June.  Cheat's talked up the problems hitting with RISP and no major league team is going to continue to suck quite that much.  Hopefully tonight was the start of some reversion to a better mean.  Like one where a quality start results in a win on a regular basis.
  • Bobby Jenks is clearly sinking his value in order to stay on the team he loves.
  • Defying all odds, Josh Fields was the biggest beneficiary of the aversion to strikes that plagued Detroit's hard throwers.  Zumaya and Jackson walked him three times even though all they had to do was throw fastballs for strikes.  That's been a problem for the Tigers all season and one of a few I'm sure Kenny noticed.  There's been a lot of wailing amongst the SSS faithful with some even clamoring for a sell off amongst the commenterati.  I'd say this is a justifiable feeling.  The offense has been tough to watch.  But it's not a viable course of action at this point.  It shouldn't be that hard to beat mediocre and KW has enough assets to wheel and deal. 
  • So it should be pretty fun to see what kind of direction Kenny takes the team.  Which will be a relief after two months of blah baseball.