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White Sox Execute Cubs in Series Opener

Stoney and Hawk heaped gobs of praise in Ozzie Guillen's direction for his brilliant management Wednesday -- I can't deny that he made all the right moves -- but I have to give far more credit to the White Sox execution of that game plan as a reason for the victory. With the exception of a couple of plays at 3B by Gordon Beckham and a failed sac-fly opportunity also by Beckham (more on him later tonight), the Sox scratched across runs where they've usually left 'em stranded this year.

While the Cubs and Sox are both clearly struggling offensively this season, the Sox at least looked like they had a solid approach at the plate today, taking 7 free passes in addition to the proper execution of a few bunts and a hit-and-run.

The story of the game even moreso than the offense had to be John Danks, who might have been given the hook a bit early, might have been able to escape without allowing a run if he had the support of his relief crew, and most importantly, might be rounding back into the guy who I picked to finish in the top 5 of the AL Cy Young voting. He took a tough loss last time out, but threw well and backed that performance up with a 9K, ZERO walk outing today.