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White Sox Offense Still Absent at Home

  • Paul Konerko hit a homerun and the rest of the White Sox offense put up about as much of a fight as Perez Hilton against, unless you count their usual 9th inning shutout-avoiding run.  Maybe they had forgotten about the HR?
  • Once again the Sox failed to put up much of an effort against a pitcher they've never seen before. This is were I would post the ugly table, but I've lost track since interleague play began and the game notes that I link every game -- does anyone bother to click those? -- doesn't appear to have it either.
  • John Danks supposedly didn't have it early. I missed the first two innings, which means he looked great to me. 
  • Gordon Beckham might want to rethink the playfully ironic walk-up music. He entered the day hitting .083/154/.083 when taking his cuts after hearing the strained squealing of The Outfield compared to .296/.424/.519 without it. Add another 0-3 with a K and that home line looks even worse. At least he had a pretty nice game in the field.