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Scott Podsednik Ends Game So Long It Killed Michael Jackson

No, not the one who liked to give up grand slams in '04, the real one.

More later, maybe

Colin's Bullet Point Recap Is A Go

  • The Sox defense was probably the cause for the close game.  The Dodgers managed 6 hits off Richard in 4 1/3 IP, none left the park and that was as bad as Sox pitching looked all game.  12 K's, 3 BB's and no pop should not amount to 5 runs.  But Alexei and Pods wanted to take it another direction.  And let's not forget the stolen bases.  Casey Blake had 2, ffs.
  • But the veterans, whatever their faults, were the ones responsible for the victory.  Getz, Wise and Fields were a combined 1 for 13.  Their best work came when Fields took a walk and was subsequently tripled home by Wise. AJ, Paulie, Thome and JD, on the other hand, were 6 for 17 with two 2B and two HR.
  • The bullpen is hopefully back to it's boring awesome self.  8 2/3 IP of 1 run ball was all it took for the Sox to complete the comeback.
  • Aaron Poreda was rewarded for another good looking inning with the win.  6 K, 1 BB in 4 2/3 so far this season.
  • A series win against the Dodgers?  It would feel better if the Tigers hadn't swept the Cubs, but it's way more than I was expecting.
  • Now that it's nearly July, the Sox' power may have finally come on.  9 HR in 3 games off good pitching is a nice notch going forward.  For the month of June, the Sox are 8th in the league in ISO and 2nd in the AL outside of the East.  For comparison, the Sox have a .177 ISO for June '09, a .222 in June '08, and a .116 for June '07.