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White Sox Comeback Bid Just Another Tease

Bad team finds way to lose to mediocre team

Even though Ozzie Guillen might have had his worst game of the season, even though Dewayne Wise might have been safe at home in the bottom of the 9th, I can't get myself worked into a lather over the White Sox extra-inning loss to the Tigers Tuesday night. 

The Sox had plenty of chances yet again. First with a wild and gimpy Dontrelle Willis on the mound. Then with a shaky Detroit bullpen trying to walk every Sox batter. But the Sox could only muster 1 clutch-hit, Paul Konerko's 9th inning bases clearing (though not 3-run scoring) double that tied (but didn't win) the game. 

1-9 with runners in scoring position.

That one hit, Konerko's second such hit in as many games, raised the Sox BA w/ RISP on the homestand to a mind-bogglingly low .092. 6 in 10 games. Wretched. Futile. Comically Bad.

The AL Central is a eminently winnable division, and we've seen the Sox seemingly piss away any chance at a repeat title run with the most putrid display of clutch hitting I can ever remember seeing from a "contending" team. The '05 team hit a wall, the '08 club had Ozzie's Tampa Tirade (If Kenny doesn't change something, I will.), but I don't think either club could match the complete and utter fail of the this bunch once a runner reaches second base.