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The Morning After the Worst Day of the Season

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If you're like me (which I know at least a good chunk of the regulars are) yesterday was your least favorite day of the baseball season.  At least the other day's of the ASB give us something to watch.  The day after the All-Star game is what I expect Hell to be like if I'm unfortunate enough to wind up there: it's mid-July, hotter than Pod's wife, there is no baseball, and my coworkers keep asking me to work for them on my day off.  Thankfully, that evil day has passed and even though the Sox have the day off, at least there is pro baseball being played today.

Now that I got my monologue out of the way, I can start getting to the point (other than that we needed something new on the frontpage).  So far this season the White Sox have given us their best Sergio Leone impression.  We have witnessed the good (PK's resurgence, JD continuing to hit like he's young, and Buehrle, Easy Heat, and Jenks), the bad (Contreras pre-minors trip, Colon since then, plantar fasciitis, the entire Nick Swisher trade), and the ugly (Wilson Betemit, Scott Linebrink, the inability to find a real centerfielder).  So what does the future hold?  I throw my two cents in after the jump.

Depending on how the playoff races of the AL and NL Central wind up shaking out, the Sox have either 72 or 73 games left in the regular season.  For simplicity's sake, I'm just going to go with 72.  This isn't me saying I don't think we'll need the make-up game, but me being lazy and taking the easier route.  We only play two teams that we haven't seen yet this season.  As it would happen, they have the two best records in the American League: the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.  But to be honest, who cares?  Yeah, they're pretty good teams right now and probably will be when we play them.  But to everyone who has been scared of the stronger schedule the second half is supposed to bring, don't be.  Our remaining combined opponents' record this season in 442-476.  That's a .481 winning percentage.  Only 21 of our remaining games are against the Yanks, BoSox, and Angels.  We have 18 games against the bottom-feeding Orioles, Royals, and Indians.  Those 33 games against the Rays, A's, Tigers, Mariners, and Twins are going to be the ones that determine our fate.  Just under half (30) of our remaining games are against the Central.  The Sox fate is completely in their own hands.  It's been a down year in the division, as we've been saying all season.  I'm feeling TDogg's optimism.  Just take care of Detroit and things will probably work out.  I'm just happy the ASB is over.