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Sox Win Close One, Now One Game Back

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For those who couldn't find CSN+, you missed one hell of a game:

  • Gavin Floyd struck out 7 over 7 IP, while allowing 3 solo homers to pick up his eighth win.
  • A.J. Pierzynski actually threw two baserunners out, both of them being fast guys (Carl Crawford and Jason Bartlett).
  • The Savior and Scotty Pods each stole second.
  • Paul Konerko continued to silence the rumors of his demise, going 2-4 with a huge 3-run homer in the third.
  • Our beloved Q! returned and went 1-4.
  • Bobby Jenks managed to load the bases and work his way into a full count on Jason Bartlett before striking him out to end the game (Bartlett and Willy Aybar were just as big of heroes this game as Kong).
  • The Sox actually beat a pitcher they hadn't seen before, tagging phenom David Price for 4 runs in 6 innings off of 8 hits and 2 walks.
  • Oh, and Carl Crawford hit an inside-the-park homerun, if you're into the other team doing something cool.