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In Which I Announce My Return And Seek Your Semi-Reasoned Info

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Seeing as the White Sox played as if I had been in town this series (0-3 since pulling into a tie for first for a night), I figure it's OK to show my face around here and not be blamed for their recent bad run. Not that I'd be recognized. I'm rocking a full 10 days growth right now.

Anyway, I hope I didn't miss anything special. Help me try to catch up... because killing time this afternoon with a little conversation is better than skimming through a week's worth of Sox articles or doing laundry.

  • Aaron Poreda got sent down to make room for Carlos Torres and his spot start. From the stats it looked like he was not exactly throwing a ton of strikes as well as his as-to-be-expected secondary pitch issues. Then Bartolo Colon, Torres, and Clayton Richard all had decent-to-very-good starts in their last trip to the mound. So where does that leave the Sox? Are they still in limbo?
  • Have there been rumors of any substance surrounding the Sox? Is it looking more like they'll be standing pat at the deadline?
  • I kinda ruined the experience of Buehrle's perfect game for myself by watching the entire 9th inning when I got home at 1 AM this morning, though I suppose knowing the outcome removed much of the suspense. I'll still buy the game from iTunes or something and give it watch this week.
  • I'm struck by the change in fortune for Dewayne Wise and Brian Anderson because of a their respective option status. Anderson was shipped to Charlotte to make room for Q! simply because he had options remaining and Wise didn't... which prompted Anderson to get pouty and put Wise in a position to make one of the best defensive plays in White Sox history (and send his glove to Cooperstown). 

Fire away