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Paul Konerko, White Sox Let One Roll Away

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It was the type of thing that only seems to happen in Minnesota. In an inning that only seemed to last about 5 minutes, the White Sox had 3 errors, a passed ball and allowed one bizarre (though not dome-influenced) hit. One hard-hit ball and something like 6 outs was all the Twins needed to turn a 0-1 deficit into a 2-1 lead. 

Sure, the Sox retook the lead a half-inning later on a Paul Konerko homerun -- He owed us those runs -- and, sure, John Danks gave up the lead again with a 6th inning bomb to Michael Cuddyer. But the Sox inept defense in the second inning tells the story for this game.

The madness started when AJ Pierzynski seemed to take the I'll wait until it hits the backstop approach to catching by allowing a runner to advance on a passed ball. The next batter, Carlos Gomez, who the Sox can't get out, continued to use his voodoo magic, this time breaking his bat in such a way so as to distract the charging Gordon Beckham. It would have been a routine play if not for the proximity of the bat and ball at the time Beckham tried to field the ball, whiffing on both. Then the real fun started. 

Konerko, who earns heaps of praise for his ability to scoop balls in the dirt, developed a (hopefully) momentary case of the yips and let two separate plays that would have ended the inning scoot away from first. The first was ruled an error on Jayson Nix, who got taken out at second base by Gomez. Konerko then appeared to have trouble with a couple of pick-off throws from Danks immediately following the go-ahead run scoring. 

Just to top things off, AJ picked up the Sox third error of the inning by throwing a ball into CF on Alexi Casilla's steal of second, and then proceeded to get into a dugout spat with Alexei Ramirez, whom he thought should have kept the ball on the infield. I'm sure the spat which was captured by cameras and twittered by beat writers will get much of the coverage, but that's just the side effect of a half-inning of defense that wouldn't have been acceptable at the little league level.