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John Danks Keeps White Sox Rolling

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John Danks picked up right where Mark Buehrle left on Thursday, pitching 7+ innings of zero walk shutout baseball. He didn't allow a Royals baserunner to reach second base until the 6h inning when he gave up back-to-back singles.

On the CSN post game Chuck Garfien opined that Zack Greinke might have been tipping his pitches, but it seemed to me that the Sox had a solid plan of attack against him; look for and attack fastballs. That's a tough proposition when Greinke is on his game, but while Greinke was still lighting up the gun with mid-to-high-90's heat he wasn't painting on the black with it. That allowed the Sox to attack him in more favorable counts where they were less likely to face his wipeout slider. Greinke's curveball was rolling up to the plate today, though with the exception of a single from Dewayne Wise the Sox didn't really make him pay for hanging that pitch. 

If anything it felt like the Sox let Greinke off the hook. They had 8 hits and 4 runs through 4 innings, but gave away 3 outs on the basepaths on 3 separate failed stolen base attempts, none of which were close. Thankfully, the Royals defense, as they are wont to do, allowed the Sox to tack on two of those runs in an extended inning.

The White Sox are rolling right now. There's not much else to say. I guess that Tdogg fellow knew what he was talking about. :)