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Wise Walks-Off Yanks on Buehrle Day

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No time for a proper recap tonight. Blame the rain delay.

  • Gavin Floyd is still quite hirsute.
  • Gordon Beckham is still quite dreamy.
  • The Yankees defense looked strangely familiar in the 7th. It was nice to be on the other side of that for a change.
  • AJ deserves credit for his late slide.
  • Dewayne Wise is the hero on Mark Buehrle Day. He just can't let the guy have any of the spotlight. ;)
  • The White Sox now have 4 walk-off hits this season. Wise's was the first by a player who started the season on the Sox roster. Beckam (1) and Scott Podsednik (2) have the other 3.
  • The official word on Bobby Jenks' "family troubles" or just plain "issues" is that he has kidney stones.