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The White Sox seemed poised to run their winning streak to 8-games holding an early lead against a beleaguered division punching bag. Oops.

Gavin Floyd blew through the first inning with ease, but it was clear he didn't have it after that. Ozzie Guillen seemed slow to notice thanks to the Royals doing their thing, keeping runners off the basepath and the scoreboard stuck at zeroe. Floyd somehow took a no-hitter into the 5th despite falling behind seemingly everyone, which is why the gamethread lit up asking for bullpen help when he lost that no-hitter and let two runs cross home in the 5th. Unfortunately, Guillen set his hook by the scoreboard, which saw the Sox with still clinging to a 1-run lead, and not by Floyd's effectiveness, which gave the Royals enough time to chip away at the Sox meager lead.

That lead was built over the first 3 innings when Luke Hochevar was even less sharp than Floyd. Dewayne Wise plated the Sox first run following one of Gordon Beckham's signature thrown-out-at-second-on-a-lawn-dart-slides, and Jermaine Dye added 2 more with a bomb. But Hochevar started throwing strikes in the 4th inning and the Sox followed suit by taking early hacks. The Sox managed only 3 baserunners, including Beckham's bomb, after Hochevar's rocky 2nd and 3rd innings.

By the time Ozzie had finally decided to call on Matt Thornton from the pen, the Sox lead was down to one and the go-ahead run was on base. Guillen didn't have much of an excuse for not having anyone warmed up to start the 6th. DJ Carrasco and Aaron Poreda, the Sox two long-men who've been excellent this seaosn, haven't pitched in a week and Jimmy Gobble hasn't pitched in even longer (though his absence is a welcome one). The point is, the Sox bullpen is more than rested. There is an off-day on Monday, and it was clear from the second inning that Floyd was laboring. Today wasn't the day to keep running him back out there in hopes that the Royals would just get themselves out.

Hawk was stewing about a double play that wasn't made with Floyd on the mound in the 6th. Alexei Ramirez was "out of position" and slow to get to second, which resulted in another one of his lob throws to first as he was flying across the bag. But that shouldn't have been the deciding factor in the game, and it's not like the Sox inability to turn a double play this season is anything new. Though I suppose that could be at the root of his anger.

I know I should be feeling pretty good about the way the Sox have been playing lately, but it just feels like they gave this one away hoping the Royals would continue to give them easy victories.

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Also, Fuck Fox and Manny Ramirez. I didn't really care about his suspension. The ridiculous media reaction and coverage was far more interesting to me. I mean ESPN had planned on cutting into the deciding game of the College World Series to show his first rehab at-bats... during a national championship game... WHY?! 

Now on a rainy 4th of July when I'm currently stuck inside with nothing to do but clean FOX is giving me the SD-LA game. Seriously? An NL West match-up? The two top AL Central teams are playing on FOX right now (just not in Chicago) but I've got to watch the Dodgers and Padres because of Manny Freaking Ramirez! And they don't even have their "A" crew there, so I can't rip on Joe Buck. FOX' blackout restrictions are ridiculous, but the reasoning behind their regional game selection is even worse.