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Paul Konerko Homers Thrice, Deserves Own Thread

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  • Paul Konerko became the first White Sox hitter since Jose Valentin in 2003 to hit 3 homeruns in one game (full list here), as the White Sox pounded the Indians 10-6. Maybe he wanted to give the front office a vote of confidence after Brandon Allen, who some viewed as the Sox first baseman of the future, was traded prior to the game.
  • Mark Buehrle continued his trend of BABIP luck, as he seemed to be getting hit rather hard on the night, in contrast to Clayton Richard's last outing, yet allowed only 3 runs in 7 innings. He gets credit for sticking around long enough for Konerko and Sowers to take him off the hook and get a victory.
  • Chris Perez is my new favorite pitcher.
  • Bartolo Colon is scheduled to start a rehab assignment in AAA on Thursday, but is MIA.
  • Also from the article, Kenny Williams admits to being a bit handcuffed by the smaller crowds this season, and seems to acknowledge the mistake of the 'premium' pricing.

    "We've been probably pretty short or a little aggressive in our projections and we might have to take a lot closer look at it, because, the Dodgers series was certainly an eye opener for us," Williams said.

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