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Can It Get Any Worse? Yeah. And It Just Did.

I said yesterday it's easier to walk off the mound in Norfolk than it is in Yankee Stadium.  And that's exactly what Jake Peavy did after 3.1 IP tonight.  According to reports, it was a recurrence of the tightness in his elbow resulting from the line drive that hit him in his last start.  Obviously, his status going forward won't be known for a couple days but it seems unlikely he will make his White Sox debut next week. [Update Sun. 10:27 am: Now Peavy is having x-rays on Monday. Sort of sounds like something that should have been done maybe a bit closer to when he was struck by the ball.]

And if you wanted just one more kick in the ribs while you're down, 2009 top draft pick Jared Mitchell is dealing with a leg injury which has caused him to miss three of Kannapolis' last four games and, yesterday, when he did play, he re-aggravated the injury.  His availability for the rest of the season is uncertain.  It's always great when speed guys get leg injuries.