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White Sox Stir Creative Juices, Little Else

Carl's latest from the always entertaining <a href="" target="new">Smells Like Mascot</a>.
Carl's latest from the always entertaining Smells Like Mascot.

The last two Fanshots, a painfully succinct comic from Carl and a meandering lampoon from the tongue-ringed one, say it all...

A long, long time ago... 
I can still remember 
How spring training used to make me smile. 
And I knew the boys had a chance 
To make it to the Autumn Dance 
And, maybe, stick around for a while.

But late August made me shiver 
With every loss they delivered. 
Bad news on the front page; 
No more hope at this stage.

I laughed so hard I almost cried 
When I read the dumb shit about pride, 
Turned off the games and went outside 
The day the season died.