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Podsednik, Carrasco Steal Another Game For White Sox

Bullet point recap

  • We've already established that Gordon Beckham is pretty good. It's probably not a good idea to attack him with hanging curveballs, though I do enjoy watching the results.
  • Jose Contreras, ugh
  • D.J. Carrasco deserved to win this game, and in an ironic twist may have cost himself another start. The Sox need their 5th starter on Saturday, which would put DJ on 3 days rest were he to get the start. But the Sox are without Bobby Jenks right now, and would have to rest DJ between now and then as well. I don't know if the Sox can go through the next few games 2 men down in the pen, 3 if you count the incredibly inexperienced Jhonny Nunez.
  • It now feels like the Sox have stolen 2 games this week, the first being DJ's first start, the bullpen game, and now this one, which was essentially another bullpen game. But this one seemed even more unlikely, especially as Lackey made it through the 8th. 
  • Scott Podsednik, who wasn't on the roster when the Sox opened camp and was sitting at home during the season's first couple weeks, now has 3 walk-off hits this season, one more than the rest of the team combined.