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Torres Learns A Lesson; Indians Bullpen Gifts Another Game

Carlos Torres learned that major leaguers aren't going to help him out. He did not have his good stuff, throwing only 33 of his 72 pitches for strikes, but avoiding the strike zone is something with which Torres is not unfamiliar. He often relies on hitters chasing balls and, tonight, the Indians weren't playing along.

The consequence is that Torres may have blown his chance to seize the interim 5th starter spot, with D.J. Carrasco apparently close to being named to that role after an effective 2.1 IP. Carrasco's effort was part of a 5.2 IP bullpen cleanup job that yielded only one run to the Indians and allowed the White Sox offense to take advantage of the poor Indians bullpen. Tomo Ohka, who spent last season at the White Sox' AAA affiliate, repaid his former employers by giving up 4 runs in 0.1 IP of work. Two of those runs came on a towering Jim Thome blast to center.

Bobby Jenks made his first appearance in a week. He faced the final two batters and struck out one.