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Apathy, Thy Name Is White Sox

The White Sox have failed to fully capture my attention this season.

I don't have any singular excuse:

  • They weren't any good at the beginning of the season, and I genuinely hated some of the players on the roster. 
  • They've never been able to escape the gravitational pull of .500, in one direction or another. 
  • I missed the most exciting moment of the season, though I have watched the last few innings a number of times after downloading the game on iTunes.
  • The second most exciting moment was an acquisition of a player who still has yet to throw a pitch in a game for the Sox (or their minor league affiliates). 
  • I could go on
Don't get me wrong, I'm still watching. I saw nearly every painful batting practice pitch Buehrle threw on Friday -- Tying an AL record still wasn't enough to stir me to put fingers to keyboard -- the last 4 innings Saturday, and the entire game Sunday. Yet I don't feel like I have anything to say. 

Until the Sox make a big waiver-wire deal (hint, hint), or a certain former Cy Young award winner officially takes the mound, or the Sox find themselves alone in first place, I can't see myself getting too fired up about this season. Am I the only one?