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Jake Peavy Knows The Secrets to Sucess

For a game that helped the Twins more than the officially-eliminated-from-playoff-contention White Sox, that was a thoroughly satisfying game. We all got a little glimpse of next season:

  • Jake Peavy breezed through 7 innings of scoreless baseball, striking out 8. The only ball that was hit with authority was his first pitch of the night, a drive to the right field wall saved by a nice catch by the rangeless one.
  • After sending the minimum to the plate over the first 4 innings, and getting no-hit into the 6th by Ernest Borgnine, Gordon Beckham brought the dreamy with a 2-run shot for the game's only runs.
  • Matt Thornton shut the door in his first opportunity to audition for the possibly vacant '10 closer role.