Why Is there a generational difference in Cub-hating by White Sox fans?

So this morning it's 4 AM and I'm standing out in below-freezing temps waiting for the Disney marathon to begin at 5:40.  God exists, as He puts 2 ex-Chicagoans next to me in Corral B.  Rick is 63 years old, originally from the South Side, and has run 35 marathons, the latest in 3:40 (which I did not beat today).  He currently lives outside of Phoenix, amidst "way too many Cub fans".  His wife is also a die-hard Sox fan.  He thinks it's a good year when the Cubs lose, even if the Sox suck, as long as the Sox win more.  He said all this with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, as he knew this fellow Sox fan felt the same way.


Chicagoan #2 (didn't get his name for soon-to-be obvious reasons) is turning 52 (nice age) and was trying for a 3:40 himself.  He moved to FL 10 years ago but maintains his loyalty to the Cubs.  He related that his brother was a huge Sox fan and smiled when describing the rivalry.

So, you ask, who gives a shit?  Me.  What we all had in common was a fervent belief that you could NOT be fans of both teams if you were from Chicago.  You have to choose.  And when you choose, you choose not only to die on your team's hill, but to strafe the other team.  That's the Chicago way as I learned it.

Yet many of you you YPOS' feel differently, perhaps not supportin the Evil Ones, but exhibiting no emnity towards them, either.  I've read your coments during the Interleague Series, and it troubles me.  And this OPOS wants to know:  What changed?  Where's the (good-natured) hate?  Where's the brother v. brother Civil War-esque attitude? 

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