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Thome Makes Entire White Sox Organization Look Like Fools, Signs With Twins for Pennies

150M Pennies

Unlike yesterday, when the words just flowed from my fingers to the screen, I don't even want to talk about this. It's just so obviously wrong and stupid that it should cost everyone involved in the decision making process their jobs. Sox Machine points out the ridiculousness of the situation, both in playing time implications and contract terms.

The only way the Williams/Guillen team avoids rabid fans calling for their head  -- the ones that aren't already -- is if the pitching staff they've built carries them easily to the post-season. Anything less than an easy walk to the playoffs shows that the two were more concerned with building a team their way than exploiting what might be the best free-agent value on the entire market.

It's a bit scary to think what would happen if the Sox did magically march into the playoffs? Would pitchers be batting next year so Ozzie can go to a 14 man pitching staff with a two-strike specialist? The hubris would be unfathomable.