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A Last Minute Invite To Get Drunk And Watch ALCS Game 1

So last year in an attempt to drown my sorrows, I headed to the south burbs to take in a couple of playoff games with some real Sox fans. There was a grand turnout of five other SSSers besides myself, e-gus, the split personalities of skancho/mitch/carl, scotty ballgame, Dr. Em, and Lockport Sox. Good times were had.

It just so happens that this year I'll be travelling through the south burbs the exact same weekend. So while I might not need to drown my sorrows, I thought we should reprise the sorrows drowning with less self-loathing. 

So yeah, there's your invitation to a night out with some SSSers -- I emailed e-gus a couple weeks ago, but I'm not even sure if he remembers -- We'll lay down the specifics tonight and tomorrow, but expect it to center in TInley Park and end at the super-classy, and appropriately named Teehen's.