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2nd Annual SSS Tinley Park Play-Off Meetup

As the cheat mentioned in his last post, a small group of us got together to watch some play-off baseball last season in the south burbs and got really drunk. It was fun.

We are doing it again Friday night at J.W. Holstein's for game one, 7pm in Tinley Park. The Rock Island line(she's a might good road) stops about 20 ft. from the door of the place, and I think the last train back to the city runs at 10:49pm. If for some God forsaken reason you need to jump back on the train and go to Joliet your train leaves an hour earlier.

So yeah, Holstein's to start. I think they still have free pizza on fridays, which is awesome, couple that with staggering distance to my house and this is the perfect venue for our event. Last year we relocated to the dive Teehan's when the band started up and conversation became impossible. I suspect a similar plan of attack tomorrow. There are several other pubs close by too if you want to make a night of it, with the dive of all dives Dendrinos a mile down the road and open until 5am.

See you tomorrow.