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Declare Your World Series Rooting Interest

We all know this will be the lowest rated World Series in history. San Francisco vs. Texas doesn't exactly figure to draw in the casual fan. But I find myself oddly excited.

San Francisco has a cast of characters worth rooting for, and Texas has never been. I know I'll be rooting for the fightin' Uribes, which got me thinking about the last time I actually rooted for a National League club in the World Series. Sure, I rooted for the Rockies in '07 and the Marlins in '03 and the D'Backs in '01, but that was more rooting against the new Red Sox and the Yankee empire.

I had to dig through my memory banks all the way to 1991, the worst to first series, to come up with a team from the NL that I was actually rooting for because of the players on their team rather than the ones in the other uniform.

I'm pretty sure most here are rooting for the Uribes as well, but lets have a poll to make it official.