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A Pitching Match Til The 8th, Boom Go The Ex-Sox

"What I Do"
"What I Do"

Don't let the final score fool yas. Game Deux of the Rangers - Giants World Series was the pitching duel that last night was supposed to be.  

With deux outs in the bottom of the 8th inning and a Giants advantage of deux to nothing, the Rangers gave up a deux-out single to Ian Kinsler, and so began the trouncing.   Four consecutive walks followed (one of them belonging to our darling Uribe), scoring deux more runs in the process.  Renteria then drove in deux additional runs with a single to left, right before legendary Aaron Roward drove in his own deux, with a triple to right!  8-0 Giants for all of deux seconds, before a Torres double to score Rowand!  

9-0 would be the final score.  Nine runs on eight hits!  Mercy.   Giants lead the Series..... by deux.