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Late Wednesday Links Are Exceedingly Gray

Recently there has been some interest in having a SSS link dump. Before the revolution, this sort of dissemination of knowledge was largely frowned upon, but easy-to-find links are coming to China SSS. Here you go, ya shmohawks:

A good list of non-tender candidates (deadline is tomorrow at 11:59 pm), with a short explanation of the process.

Garland and Uribe were signed by the Dodgers.

White Sox enjoy collecting extra money despite missing the playoffs, here.

Alexei elects to go to arbitration, Sox exercise option (h/t Hazymania).

Konerko was offered a contract by the Orioles (h/t Tdogg).

Because today was the grayest day Chicago has ever had, and it's only going to get grayer, here's Buehrle's condensed perfecto, yet again.

Finally, for all the billyok fans out there (including myself!): The most dramatic cat fight of all time!