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Hey Guys! It's Your Old Pal, OC.

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Hello from warm, sunny Colombia!  Wow, how things have changed in just a few months! That Kenny Williams sure strikes fast, huh.  Adam Dunn is the exact opposite of me - I guess that's why he has a job, haha!  And Kenny managed to get rid of Linebrink. Boy did that guy suck. Me and Alexei used to make fun of him in Spanish when he came on to pitch. The redneck had no idea!

Listen, the reason I'm calling is that I've heard you guys are getting new management soon and he's bringing with him some new rules.  And those rules include that your old pal, OC, can't call anymore and that gorgeous vixen, Mrs. Cowley, can't be mentioned anymore.  This can mean only one thing: Joe Cowley is the new Managing Editor of South Side Sox.

I urge each of you to resist this turn of events. As larry previously discussed, SSS was once great and can be again.  But not with Joe Cowley at the helm.  He's a complete dick.  He'd probably spend most of the time ripping on what other White Sox bloggers are writing about instead of doing important things like game recaps and banning those who violate logic.

At any rate, since I probably won't ever talk to you guys again, good luck with the transition. If this place sucks, remember: there's always Sox Machine. And say hi to Mrs. Cowley for me (while you still can)!