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Late Wednesday Links Are Itching For Pitchers And Catchers To Report

Yep, it's Wednesday again already. The past seven days have been fairly slow on the South Side, especially in comparison to last weeks fan-friendly moves. That's not to say there isn't plenty of good stuff still out there, though. More of a mixed bag this week. Shall we?

Around the division, quickly: TwinkieTown examines Nick Punto in in all his glory, BlessYouBoys has doubts about the 2011 Tigers offense being a contender, RoyalsReview has a Dayton Moore incompetence tournament to reflect SoxMachine's really, incredibly, fantasically excellent Kenny Williams' trade grades, and the Cleveland Indians Professional Baseball Club still exists, I'm sure, but you're going to have to look them up yourself. Also, and not to get banned on the basis of religion, but it was recently proven that God exists. He's just perpetually late.

Everyone knows Cliff Lee signed with the Yankees Rangers Phillies. Perhaps it's outdated, being five days old and all, but I enjoyed this pre-contract analysis of what bringing Lee back to Texas would have meant for the Rangers' budget. These are exciting times for Rangers fans; unfortunately for them, the 2011 White Sox will help ensure they don't attempt to care about football and baseball at the same time again next year.  

Here's an excellent and fairly succinct history of altered bats. The Albert Belle incident from 1994 gets a mention as "the greatest corked bat story ever told."

This link is a tad on the rudimentary side, and comes with some unverified claims, but the idea behind it is pretty incredible. Just another example of how technology will continue to change baseball. Bring on the Dusty Baker comments, please. (h/t BtB)

For posterity and recognition beyond the two weeks afforded by the right rail, here the incredible visualization of the last five years of Major League Baseball trades, originally shared by UribeAuction.  

Kenny Williams loves the hard-tossers.  Makes me wonder about the loss of Putz and Jenks, though.

A quick (not really, there are hundreds of ‘em) list of the signed and remaining free agents, just because. I am startled from my winter hibernation that Josh Fields is unsigned. Hey, we could use a third baseman DH notorious winner guy to drink with Teahen in the bullpen bar after the game.  

As we move on, the fluff gets heavier. Edwin Jackson puts on a clinic at Fort Benning. USA! USA!

No joke:

Finally, we have two off-topic links. If you are at all intrigued about space shuttle launches, and even if you're just a fan of shiny, sparkly things, check this out.  It's 45 minutes long, and a bit repetitious, but most of those shots are beyond awe-inspiring.  RIP, shuttle program.   Lastly, we as a community may disagree on a lot, but I'm positive we can all laugh at hipsters.  At least your Late Wednesday Links are better than this guy.