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KenWo's Corner- Holiday Edition

Happy Holidays to each and every one of you on South Side Sox.  Since it is the time of giving, I am wondering if Santa Kenny will put another present in our stockings. He already has given us more than we could have asked for with the Adam Dunn addition along with the re-signing of Paul Konerko.  I do think that he could find room for another "stocking stuffer".  So Kenny, just in case you are listening, here is my "wish list" for that one last gift that will ease my mind going into the new year! 

Freddy Garcia- As you all know, I am a big fan of Freddy Garcia and I do believe there is a need for him in 2011.  Freddy pitched very well for us in 2010.  There were some outings that I'd like to forget about, but on the whole he was pretty solid and consistent.  I know that recent reports concerning Jake Peavy are positive and I hope he is able to start the season, but I will be very surprised if he is able to go in the first week of April.  Freddy could slide right into the rotation and save us from having to see Lucas Harrell.  I doubt, however, that Freddy will go this route.  Teams have shown an interest in him, so I don't see why he'd sign on to be a part time starter when he could get a full time gig.  

Ian Snell- He was absolutely brutal last season in Seattle.  However, he has shown that he has good stuff in the past.  To me, he seems like a guy Don Cooper could work with and get some better results.  Unlike Freddy, I doubt that he can find work as a full time starter, so he would be more likely to take a spot start/long relief role.  Long relief is something that we struggled with last year and we did miss D.J. Carrasco.  Maybe Snell could fill that role.

Andruw Jones- I think that Andruw coming back would be a real good thing.  Given Carlos Quentin's injury history and his awful defense, I think Jones could still help us.  He could also play center if Alex Rios needed a breather.  Right now, the only guy on the current roster that could be put in center is Brent Lillibridge.  As funny as Lillibridge is on twitter, I would much rather have Jones on my roster.

Jeremy Hermida- Hermida showed a lot of promise when he was a member of the Florida Marlins.  Then he got traded to the Red Sox last season and fell off the map, eventually earning his release.  He could be a decent bat off the bench or a possible replacement if and when Quentin gets hurt.  He's only going to be 27 years old going into the season.  I think he is a real good candidate to have a bounce back season. 

Octavio Dotel- Dotel was a pretty solid performer in his years with the White Sox. He does have a tendency to give up the long ball, but he also averages 10+ K's/9 and has done so consistently since 2000.  He might cost a little more than Kenny is willing to spend, but I would feel a lot better about the bullpen with him in it. 

Jerry Hairston Jr.- He could fill the super sub role and maybe some of his old man's magic at coming through with a pinch hit will rub off.  He is from the area and is getting up in age, maybe he'd like to play where his Pops did for a season.  

I would feel just a little bit better about the Sox if one of these players were brought in for 2011.  I think they are realistic propositions as far as contracts go.  Is there anyone that I missed?  Let's hear your ideas.  Have a great Holiday!