Some Tips For New Members and Sox Machine Transplants

I meant to get this out a few days ago, but Christmas weekend was booked pretty solid. There are quite a few new posters and lurkers thanks to the forced marriage of South Side Sox and Sox Machine. The transition so far has gone as smooth as can be expected, but I just wanted to offer a few tidbits of information to the Sox Machiners to help ease them into the fold at South Side Sox.

First of all, create an SBN Account. This will make scrolling through the comments a heck of a lot easier as your own big fun discovered. The Z key is your friend. Hitting Z will move you from one post to the next sequentially. When you log in, every post you haven't already read will be yellow, making it easier to follow along each time you visit. Also if there is a tangent that spins off and roars toward the far margin, especially if it doesn't interest you, you can zip right past it with the z-button.

One of the biggest complaints I saw on Sox Machine about our little part of cyberspace here had a lot to do with how we chit chat about topics other than the White Sox. Using the Z button will help you skip through that. The regulars here have been here for a long time and friendships have formed. A lot of us know each other pretty well and genuinely like each other, so that personal stuff isn't going away. There is just too much personal history here.

In 2009 homesickalien put together a South Side Sox meet-up (overly verbose recap here) at a game on a friday night against the Pirates. 20 of us showed up. Last season we did it again, and there were almost 40 of us. People came in from Washington, California, Florida, and I think Maine (maybe Connecticut? Let's go with New England). Hopefully this year 20 Sox Machiners join us to make it 60. It really is a lot of fun. SSS'ers have gotten together for Sox road games as well. We have a shared obsession, generally crack each other up and there are no monthly dues or initiation rituals. Welcome.

That leads in to another complaint I saw- that we are too snarky over here. Maybe, but a lot of that is based on the fact that we know each other personally and like to lay into each other as friends do, which admittedly might look bad to the casual reader. While we have been instructed to scale this stuff back, I just don't see it going away. My wife thinks I'm an idiot because I will be cracking up sitting at the computer reading SSS comments but I don't care, there are some funny mo-fos on here. Hopefully this grows on the majority of you and doesn't become an issue, because I cherish that aspect of this website and I'm not alone.

Another point of contention I saw when Jim announced the big move was a complaint about all the ads. I wasn't sure what that was referring to, then I remembered I run no script on my computer through firefox. I'd recommend this to anyone who uses firefox really, it's just safer. It blocks everything until you yourself grant it permission. If you want to see what you're missing you can simply middle click your mouse and then click a link to help pay the SSS light bill. If no scripts is too involved try out ad block to clean up the clutter as well. I read recently that 90% of all people, across every possible demographic- age, income, race, etc. completely ignore internet ads. If you're in the other 10%, then no script and ad block probably isn't for you.

Hopefully some of this helps the Sox Machine pilgrims through their first winter in the new land.

Go Sox.

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