Kyle Cofield - welcome to the Sox!

Kyle Cofield is coming off his best K/BB season since his rookie year, 1.71, and he posted his best GB% at a sterling 63% of balls in play.  Of course, he was on the shelf from May 8 to June 28th with a forearm strain so SSS applies and he did his best work pre-injury.  Until 2010 both his BB/9 rate, 2009: 5.7, and K/9 rate, 2009: 5.6, were headed in the wrong direction.  His best skill is inducing groundballs.  This manifests itself in good hit and homerun suppression, for 2009: 7.8 and .6 per 9.  A long time starter he was shifted to the bullpen after the injury and was listed as the Brave's 5th best bullpen prospect by SBN's Talking Chop. 

He also made a 1 inning relief appearance in the AFL this yeah and served up a tater while allowing nothing else in the stat line. 

As yondaime4 at Talking Chop says, Kyle is getting to the majors as a reliever.  The most exciting thing from yondaime4's write up is this:

He has always been known as a hard thrower with a good pitcher's body but has never produced the way a fireballer should, posting low strike out totals and living off his ability to induce ground balls.


This sounds like the type of guy Cooper can teach to control his pitchers and become a good fireman.

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