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White Sox Transaction Wrap-Up

With the flurry of activity over the last 48 hours, it seems like a good idea to put in one place all that's happened.

  • First, as was completely expected, the White Sox exercised their $2.75 million option for 2011 on Alexei Ramirez. This was necessary after Ramirez opted out of the last year of his contract, which would have paid him $1.1 million.
  • Second, as was also completely expected, the White Sox declined to offer arbitration to Bobby Jenks (and Erick Threets). Jenks is now a free agent.
  • Third, in a somewhat less expected but long hoped-for move, the White Sox signed Adam Dunn to a 4 year, $56 million contract. Dunn, who had previously stated his aversion to DHing, has now come around on that concept: "I was dead set on not DHing, but the more I thought about it, if I have to DH to win a ring, I'll do it." Ozzie has said he'll also use Dunn at first base and left field.
  • Fourth, in a move whose time many thought had passed, the White Sox signed A.J Pierzynski to a 2 year, $8 million contract. Pierzynski had received more lucrative offers from other teams - and even told his mom with which new team he was signing - but he made one last call to the White Sox and they hammered out a deal in 15 minutes.
  • Finally, in a long-hoped for but often thought impossible move, the White Sox found a team (Atlanta) to take Scott Linebrink. The White Sox sent along $3.5 million and got back something deemed The 5th Best Bullpen Prospect in the Atlanta Braves Organization. We also got back Not Seeing Scott Linebrink Pitch.

The MLB Winter Meetings begin on Monday. The White Sox have already accomplished a whole lot. But Kenny Williams rarely goes inactive so I'm sure there will be rumors galore. The primary rumor so far is that the White Sox will sign Paul Konerko during the Winter Meetings for $13 million per year (presumably for three years). Fans, though, have to be pretty happy so far with his offseason moves.