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2010 White Sox Sure To Be Passionate

Ok, not necessarily.  I just couldn't help but re-use such a clever and intriguing headline, taken from the current front page of

This week is the Caribbean World Series, which, as reports, is sure to be passionate.

 Well duhhh.  We as White Sox fans know all about the passion... The immeasurable overflow of orgullo!

"The Caribbean Series is an opportunity for us to host something that's very important in our country," said White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, a native Venezuelan. "Our country is going through a very tough situation right now, politically, but it doesn't have anything to do with baseball. People are very excited about this series."

So follow the link to read about the series, and tune in to some quality live action baseball.
I'm thinking it'll scratch that itch just enough to get to Pitchers and Catchers in about 2 weeks.

oh, and Opening Day = T - 62 days.  Yum!