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Strange, Way-Back Machine

Since its another slow day (only 30 more til the first ST game), I wanted to bring up something I noticed a little while back.  When SBN switched to the newest format, we got a neat little Roster toolbar that has players on the 40-man listed and has short bios of them.  These have scouting reports on the right-side.  Most of them are fairly accurate, but then some feel as though the scouting report was written by someone who only had access to MVP Baseball 2005. 

When was the last time Mark Kotsay was honestly "a slightly above-average center-fielder"? I believe it was around the same time Andruw Jones was "a great defensive center-fielder" and Mark Teahen was listed as "an above-average thirdbaseman".  The strangeness is not just limited to players on the White Sox roster, as these examples show.  I do love the resource, it just seems kind of odd that some of the more high-profile drop-off players are still viewed as they used to be or still held in high-regard at positions they no longer play.  Oh well.