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Pitchers, Catchers and Other Baseball Players Who Are In The Best Shape Of Their Lives Report For Gainful Employment and Express Commitment To Winning World Series By The End Of This Year Or, Failing That, Giving 110%

So, at 1pm CST today, the first official workout of the 2010 season begins.  There is no Johnny Damon.  There is no C&C Rehab Factory.  There is no 5th starter battle.  There are no position battles.  The closest the White Sox have to uncertainty is who will take the last bullpen spot.

But Joe Cowley has promised:  "There will be drama ... Trust me."

In the past his tricks have included pretending Dayan Viciedo is actually ready to be a major leaguer and, his annual favorite, Mark Buehrle is hurt.  So what drama will Joe create this year?