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Spring Training Roundup

From the "Stay Out of White Sox Business" file ... "KW on re-signing AJ: "That's none of your business. What makes you think we haven't talked." Have you? "That's none of your business.""

From the "Attempt to Create Drama" file ... "Sergio Santos, who was a non-roster invitee as an infielder last spring, made an early impression on manager Ozzie Guillen as a reliever vying for the final spot in the bullpen."

From the "Phil Rogers Says the Darndest Things" file ... "In Alex Rios, Juan Pierre and a rejuventated Jones, Guillen would have himself three center fielders -- four if you count Mark Kotsay, a regular there as recently as 2008 for the Braves. This is a far cry from most of 2008 and the pre-Rios portion of 2009, when the Sox didn't have a single center fielder."

From the "Don't Even Mention His Name" file ... "Marquez, acquired in a five-player trade 16 months ago from the New York Yankees, also is seeking different results than last year."

From the "Oh, Now We Like Him So Say His Name" file ... Walker: "I think Alexei kind of missed not having Orlando Cabrera around last year. Cabrera really helped him and Alexei got a little lost at times without him."

Update: Jared Mitchell live chat at Baseball America tonight at 5:30pm. Submit a question here.