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White Sox Camp is Boring (for now)

So spring training opened in earnest. Players got their pictures taken, some while holding musical instruments. But even though games start on Thursday (with a "practice game" Tuesday -- because you need to practice for the practice/exhibition games) I don't expect much action from the Sox this spring.

Ozzie has already given a more subdued We're Gonna Do Things My Way speech to kick off camp, and joined Twitter -- I can't be the only one who thinks he reads like a Spanish version of the Dugout's JI JIM THOME. But while most teams are heading into camp expecting to shake a number of things out (rotations, position battles, etc.) the Sox have a blueprint, arguably a faulty blueprint, but a blueprint nonetheless, of 23 players all-but-guaranteed to make the roster with only a question about the backend of the bullpen and maybe the last bench bat. The drama of spring training has been removed.

So, we're on to looking at next year/manufacturing our own drama.

  • Jake Peavy confirmed Williams contacted him about Adrian Gonzalez, though the notion that Williams would be willing to include Gordon Beckham in such a deal seems suspect.
  • Paul Konerko and AJ Pierzynski are already beginning to ponder their futures, and beat reporters are wondering where they'll be able to turn for a quote in '11. All-Beckham, all the time!
  • And spring training wouldn't be complete without an issue with Bobby Jenks. The big boy has reportedly shown up to camp 20 pounds lighter, but he just couldn't find anything other than a pitchback to throw to in that cold Chicago winter. So his arm strength, and presumably his velocity, is "behind." Which leaves us to wonder, which shows up first to a White Sox dugout, a legitimate DH or Bobby Jenks 95+ MPH heat?
  • Games start on Thursday, as will gamethreads here (Billy). They'll be posted only for the 18 games with some form of visual coverage (, CSN, WGN, MLBN), usually a half-hour before game time. We'll kick off some community projections this week as well...